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CPR Training Saves Lives: How One Woman's Life was Saved by Quick Action

How Quick Action Saved One Woman's Life
How Quick Action Saved One Woman's Life

In 2021, Sarah Katzenmaier collapsed during a Halloween parade where she had been performing for years. She had no pulse and was not breathing, but luckily a bystander who had taken a CPR course began to administer chest compressions while someone else dialed 911.

The EMTs finally arrived and transported her to the hospital while CPR was continuously performed.

Thanks to the quick action of the bystander, Sarah's life was saved. After seven days in a coma, she began the long road to recovery. Her experience has made her a firm believer in the importance of CPR training. She has made it her mission to promote CPR training to more people, including her local school board to ensure all students complete the training mandated by legislation.

CPR training can make all the difference in an emergency situation, especially when a person's heart or breathing has stopped. Knowing how to perform chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation can help maintain blood flow and oxygen to the body's vital organs, providing valuable time for medical professionals to arrive.

Sarah's story highlights the importance of having CPR-trained individuals in public places, as well as the importance of training as many people as possible in this life-saving technique. With CPR training, individuals can help save lives like Sarah's, giving victims a better chance of survival.

If you haven't received CPR training yet, it's never too late to learn. Check our CPR training courses near you. The knowledge and skills gained through CPR training can make a significant difference in someone's life in an emergency situation.


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