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The School Administrator's exemplary emergency response just saved a student’s life

A school administrators lifesaving act
A school administrators lifesaving act

Healthforce Training Center offers the AHA Heartsaver CPR training course and the AHA Heartsaver First Aid CPR training course intended for lay persons to properly respond to emergency situations like what happened to West Jordan Middle School.

On October 14, at West Jordan Middle School, Skyler Nelson suffered a cardiac arrest, and Eric Price's instinct to do CPR kicked in.

Price, vice principal of the school in West Jordan, Utah, had just finished a CPR training refresher course when the 14-year-old fell while sprinting around the gym with other students in physical education.

The school's administrators answered right away. They made a 911 call. Lucia Evans, a special education teacher, sought to feel Skylar's pulse while Price started performing CPR compressions. David Hood, the school resource officer, helped with compressions until Skyler's heart started to beat on its own.

Their cooperation was recently recognized by the American Heart Association with the HeartSaver Hero Award. Skyler was present to assist with the award presentation, and despite his little recollection of the occasion, he is appreciative of his lifesaving team. I'd just like to thank all the people who supported me through this," he added, adding, "I'm feeling fine."

Skyler underwent surgery to have a defibrillator installed in his chest since doctors discovered that he was born with a genetic heart abnormality that had gone unnoticed. This will help him avoid further issues.

The life-saving episode inspired the institution to start offering CPR classes. The eighth-grade students' health class on December 8 will use the CPR program in Schools kits that Jordan Valley Medical Center and its owner, IASIS Healthcare, previously purchased to instruct the children.

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