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Importance of CPR Training and Certification Classes to Employees

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an emergency process which is performed in attempt to preserve brain function until any further medical help can be utilized.

CPR is an important skill which provides several benefits that should be careful taught in the workplace.

Although overlooked in the workplace, CPR should be considered a necessary certification that every employees should have. Not every workplace is dangerous, but every employer is responsible for the safety of their employees in the workplace. One of the ways for employers to meet their legal and moral obligations to their employees is to provide CPR classes.

Many people take CPR training to be well versed with the knowledge in case a situation were too arise where CPR would have to be used in public or at home. CPR in the workplace creates an excellent team building and can make you feel more connected with your coworkers. Understanding how to react when an emergency happens in the workplace can be integral in many ways.

Listed are five benefits of taking CPR classes in the workplace:

Empowering: Through CPR training employees will feel empowered by being able to lend a helping hand and rescue a coworker. Through CPR training employee will gain confidence to perform CPR and manage emergency situation accordingly. To be able to take the CPR lessons outside the workplace will gain you the confidence to be able to help strangers on the street outside of the workplace.

Knowledge: Employees will learn specific knowledge through the CPR classes such as what’s inside a First aid kit. They will be informed on vocabulary and techniques to use when performing CPR which they wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Survival Rate: Through CPR classes employees will retain the knowledge to help if an employees were to stop breathing or went into cardiac arrest. CPR trained employees will be able to react and perform CPR immediately which will increase their chance of survival.

Respect: CPR certification not only brings empowered, knowledge and higher survival rate but also respect from friends, family and employees. With your CPR certification your colleagues will trust and rely on you in emergency situation which can make you feel important and responsible.

Positive work environment: By making CPR readily available to employees, employers can show their workplace that they care and provide a safe work environment. CPR classes also create an excellent team-building exercise to boost employees morale.

CPR training saves lives and by taking CPR classes increases the chance of the person survival and significantly reduce the risk of that person suffering damage to their heart, brain and other vital organs since CPR keeps the body oxygenated until professional help arrives.

It’s important to hire the right people to train employee for the CPR classes. By hiring a team of experts who have all their CPR certifications will be beneficial and provide the right training and knowledge to the employees. A professional team will come to your job site to provide CPR classes to all employees. They will be able to tailor the lessons to each employee and give one on one attention to each employee to make sure they are retaining and absorbing the information.




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