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How Long Does BLS Certification Last? Find Out Here

Updated: May 24

How Long Does BLS Certification Last?
How Long Does BLS Certification Last?

Whether in healthcare or non-healthcare environments, Basic Life Support (BLS) certification is an essential skill that is very useful in emergency situations. No matter what your profession or role in the community, having BLS certification is crucial for being ready to respond quickly and effectively in critical situations.

Many have searched for answers to the question "how long does bls certification last", and we at HealthForce Training Center understand the importance for individuals in various fields, including healthcare professionals, to have a clear understanding of the validity of their BLS certification for maintaining compliance with job requirements and ensuring your ability to deliver critical care when it is needed.

We have written this article with the goal to provide readers with much needed information regarding the duration of BLS certification, the requirements for renewal, and the advantages of maintaining certification. By having a strong grasp of these important factors, you can guarantee that your abilities stay honed and that you are constantly ready to respond in a crisis.

The following topics are covered in this article:

What is BLS Certification?

Definition and Scope

Having a BLS certification shows a person's competence in administering life-saving techniques during critical emergencies. This certification usually involves training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the utilization of automated external defibrillators (AEDs), and the alleviation of choking for people of all age groups, ranging from infants to adults.

Our BLS courses at HealthForce Training Center are designed to give learners the necessary abilities to effectively and confidently manage cardiac and respiratory emergencies, guaranteeing quick action until more qualified medical staff can arrive.


Having BLS certification is crucial for a diverse group of people, including those in various industries and professions. Having the necessary BLS skills is crucial for professionals in the healthcare field, including doctors, nurses, and paramedics. These skills enable them to deliver prompt and effective care in critical situations and are much sought for in clinical settings and are essential to ensuring patient safety and raising survival rates in life-threatening circumstances. 

Recognizing the need to maintain an up-to-date BLS certification allows people in various professions to efficiently respond to crises in any emergency situation. Employees might profit greatly from BLS training as well. In many professions, having a BLS certification is essential since it allows one to react fast and effectively in an emergency, maybe saving lives before expert medical help arrives. The great variety of circumstances in which BLS certification might be helpful emphasizes how important it is for people who could encounter emergencies in several spheres of their lives.

If you're asking, "how long does BLS certification last?" understanding the scope and importance of this certification is crucial. Understanding the importance of maintaining up-to-date BLS certification emphasizes the readiness to handle emergencies in any situation.

How Long Does BLS Certification Last?

Validity Period

The certification gained via the American Heart Association (AHA) for Basic Life Support is good for a period of two years. It is necessary to renew your Basic Life Support (BLS) certification every two years after you have successfully completed a BLS course and received your certification. This is done to guarantee that your skills and knowledge continue to be relevant and accurate.

Renewal Reminder

It's essential to keep track of your certification's expiration date and plan for renewal well in advance. Many employers and professional organizations require proof of current certification, so letting your BLS certification lapse could affect your job performance and compliance with workplace requirements.

Steps for Renewal

Renewing your BLS certification involves several key steps:

  1. Finding an Accredited Course: Search for accredited BLS renewal courses offered by recognized providers such as the AHA or the Red Cross. You can find these courses online or through local training centers.

  2. Completing the Training: Enroll in and complete the required training, which includes both theoretical instruction and practical skill assessments. These courses are designed to refresh your knowledge and update you on any new guidelines or techniques.

  3. Passing the Examination: Successfully pass the written and practical examinations to demonstrate your proficiency in BLS skills.

Courses and Materials

Online resources, interactive training modules, and up-to-date BLS provider manuals are common features of our BLS renewal courses at HealthForce Training Center. Refreshing your knowledge and staying updated on the most recent life-saving methods and regulations require these resources.

Online vs. In-Person

Online resources, interactive training modules, and up-to-date BLS provider manuals are common features of our BLS renewal courses at HealthForce Training Center. Refreshing your knowledge and staying updated on the most recent life-saving methods and regulations require these resources.

Online or in-person renewals of your BLS certification are available. Convenient and flexible, online courses let you finish the theoretical parts at your own speed. But taking in-person classes offers practical experience and quick feedback from the teachers, which can help you develop useful abilities.

Renewal Process for BLS Certification at HealthForce Training Center

Renewing your Basic Life Support (BLS) certification at HealthForce Training Center is a streamlined process designed to ensure that you remain proficient in critical life-saving skills. Here are the steps required to renew your certification:

Step 1 : Registration for a Renewal Course

  • Finding the Right Course: Begin by visiting the HealthForce Training Center website or contacting our administrative office to enroll in a BLS renewal course. Ensure you choose a session that fits your schedule and meets the American Heart Association (AHA) accreditation standards.

  • Enrollment: Register online or in person for the upcoming renewal classes. HealthForce offers flexible scheduling, including evening and weekend classes, to accommodate busy professionals.

Step 2 : Pre-Course Preparation

  • Access to Materials: Once registered, you will receive pre-course materials, including the latest BLS provider manual and access to online resources. These materials are essential for brushing up on the theoretical aspects of BLS.

  • Review: Take the time to review the materials thoroughly. Familiarize yourself with any updates or changes in BLS guidelines to ensure you are well-prepared for the course.

Step 3 : Attendance and Participation

  • Class Participation: Attend the scheduled BLS renewal class at your chosen HealthForce Training Center location. Active participation in all sessions is crucial. The course typically includes both lectures and hands-on practice sessions.

  • Skill Stations: During the class, you will rotate through skill stations where you will practice CPR, AED usage, and other life-saving techniques. These stations are designed to reinforce your skills through realistic simulations.

Step 4 : Skills Assessment

  • Practical Evaluation: You will be required to demonstrate your proficiency in BLS skills through a series of practical assessments. Instructors will evaluate your ability to perform CPR, use an AED, and manage airway obstructions effectively.

  • Immediate Feedback: Receive immediate feedback from experienced instructors to ensure you meet the necessary competencies and can apply these skills confidently in real-life scenarios.

Step 5: Written Examination

  • Knowledge Test: Complete a written examination that tests your understanding of BLS principles and protocols. This exam ensures that you are up-to-date with the latest guidelines and best practices.

Step 6: Certification Issuance

  • Receive Your Certification: Upon successfully completing the practical assessments and written exam, HealthForce Training Center will issue your BLS renewal certification. This certification is valid for two years, during which you are recognized as proficient in BLS.

  • Digital Certification: You will receive a digital copy of your certification card, making it easy to provide proof of your credentials to employers and professional organizations.

Step 7 : Continued Education

  • Ongoing Learning: HealthForce Training Center encourages continuous education. Stay engaged with additional courses and workshops offered to keep your skills sharp and stay informed about any updates in BLS protocols.

By following these steps, you can efficiently renew your BLS certification through HealthForce Training Center, ensuring you remain prepared to provide high-quality care in emergency situations. Keeping your certification current is essential for compliance, professional development, and, most importantly, the ability to save lives.

Benefits of Renewing BLS Certification

Renewing your Basic Life Support (BLS) certification offers numerous professional benefits, ensuring that you remain equipped to handle emergency situations effectively. Here’s why staying current with your BLS certification is crucial:

Maintaining Skills

  • Proficiency: Regular renewal of your BLS certification ensures that your skills remain sharp and up-to-date. This is crucial for performing life-saving procedures such as CPR, using an AED, and managing airway obstructions effectively.

  • Confidence: Keeping your certification current helps build confidence in your ability to respond promptly and correctly in emergency situations, whether you’re a healthcare professional or a non-healthcare individual.

Compliance with Employer Requirements

  • Job Security: Many healthcare facilities and employers require their staff to have current BLS certification as a condition of employment. Ensuring your certification is up-to-date helps you stay compliant with these requirements, avoiding any potential job security issues.

  • Professional Standards: Compliance with BLS certification requirements demonstrates a commitment to maintaining high professional standards, which is essential for career advancement and credibility in your field.

Enhanced Job Opportunities

  • Career Advancement: Having an up-to-date BLS certification can open doors to new job opportunities and career advancements. Employers often prioritize candidates who demonstrate ongoing professional development and preparedness to handle emergencies.

  • Versatility: BLS certification is valuable across various professions, from healthcare to education, fitness, and corporate environments. This versatility enhances your employability and broadens your career prospects.

Professional Development

  • Continued Education Units (CEUs): Renewing your BLS certification typically involves earning CEUs, which contribute to your overall professional development. These units are often required for maintaining other certifications and licenses, helping you stay compliant with continuing education requirements.

  • Knowledge Updates: BLS renewal courses provide the latest updates in emergency care practices and guidelines, ensuring you are informed about new techniques and best practices in life-saving procedures.

Preparedness and Community Impact

  • Emergency Readiness: Regularly renewing your BLS certification ensures you are always prepared to act in an emergency, whether at work or in your personal life. This readiness can make a significant difference in the outcome of critical situations.

  • Community Contribution: Being BLS-certified enables you to contribute positively to your community by being prepared to assist in emergencies. This capability enhances community safety and can inspire others to pursue life-saving training.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About BLS Renewal

Q1: How can I find accredited BLS courses?

A1: HealthForce Training Center is an authorized training center of the American Heart Association. .

Q2: What happens if my BLS certification expires?

A2: If your BLS certification expires, you may need to take a full BLS course again rather than just a renewal course. This can impact your compliance with job requirements and might temporarily limit your ability to perform certain duties that require current certification. It's crucial to renew your certification before it expires to avoid these issues.

Q3: Are there online options for BLS renewal?

A3: Yes, HealthForce Training Center offers Online BLS Blended courses. These courses provide the flexibility to complete the theoretical components online at your own pace. Additionally, we include a face-to-face practical skills test to ensure hands-on skills evaluation is completed, which is required for certification.

Q4: How often should I renew my BLS certification?

A4: BLS certification should be renewed every two years to ensure that your skills and knowledge remain current and effective. Keeping your certification up-to-date is essential for maintaining compliance with professional standards and being prepared to respond in emergencies.

Q5: What are the benefits of renewing BLS certification regularly?

A5: Regular renewal of your BLS certification ensures that you maintain proficiency in life-saving techniques, comply with job and state requirements, enhance your career opportunities, and stay informed about the latest guidelines and best practices in emergency care. It also boosts your confidence and readiness to handle real-life emergencies effectively.

To stay current in life-saving practices, meet professional requirements, and be ready for emergencies, you must renew your Basic Life Support (BLS) certification. Maintaining your BLS certification improves career prospects, professional development, and community safety for healthcare professionals and others who may face crises.

Having a clear understanding of the validity of your BLS certification and the necessary steps for renewal is crucial for maintaining crucial life-saving skills. By adhering to the guidelines and enrolling in accredited courses, you can maintain your confidence and competence in delivering essential care during crucial moments.

Don't wait until your certification expires. Stay prepared and compliant by renewing your BLS certification with HealthForce Training Center. Visit our website or call our trunk line at  1-866-277-9593 to enroll in a renewal course today. 

Your commitment to ongoing education and preparedness can make all the difference in an emergency.


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