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A Guide to AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers

A Guide to AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers
A Guide to AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers


As a healthcare professional, have you ever considered your level of readiness when it comes to dealing with a life-threatening emergency? The American Heart Association (AHA) provides a thorough Basic Life Support (BLS) course that is tailored for professionals in the healthcare field and is currently being offered at HealthForce Training Center. Referred to as "AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers," this certification provides medical professionals with vital life-saving skills, including CPR, AED use, and other crucial interventions, to be AHA certified in BLS.

Understanding the significance of AHA BLS for healthcare providers is crucial to ensuring that individuals in the medical field are well-equipped to handle emergencies with efficiency. This article offers a thorough guide to the AHA BLS course, covering its structure, advantages, enrollment process, and renewal requirements. Whether you are looking to get certified for the first time or need to renew your credentials, this guide will assist you in navigating the process and emphasize the significance of maintaining your certification.

The following topics are covered in this article:

What is AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers?

Our AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers course is your go-to certification for mastering the fundamentals of life-saving techniques in medical emergencies. But what exactly does it entail? Let’s break it down.

The American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support (BLS) course is designed specifically for healthcare providers and covers a range of critical skills. These include: 

  • high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for adults, children, and infants  

  • the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs)

  • the relief of choking in various age groups. 

The training ensures that you’re prepared to provide immediate care in a variety of settings, whether you’re in a hospital, a clinic, or responding to an emergency in the community.

Why is this important? Well, being proficient in BLS means you can effectively manage cardiac emergencies, significantly improving the chances of survival and recovery for your patients. It’s not just about performing chest compressions; it's about doing them correctly and confidently, with the right techniques and timing. The course also emphasizes team dynamics, communication, and the systematic approach to patient care—all crucial components in high-pressure scenarios.

AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers isn't just for those working in hospitals. It's essential for anyone involved in the healthcare industry, including EMTs, nurses, physicians, dentists, and even students entering the medical field. This certification ensures that no matter where you are, you can step in and make a difference when it matters most.

By the end of the course, participants will receive a certification card that’s recognized nationwide. This card is a testament to your ability to handle emergencies effectively, making it a valuable credential for any healthcare professional.

In summary, the AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers course equips you with the essential skills needed to save lives. It’s a comprehensive program that prepares you to act quickly and effectively in critical situations, ensuring that you’re always ready to provide the highest level of care.

Course Overview

Let’s break down what the AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers course entails. Whether you prefer an in-person experience or the flexibility of online learning, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a detailed look at both versions of the course:

Course Content

The AHA BLS course is comprehensive, covering all the vital skills you need to respond effectively in critical situations.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • High-Quality CPR: Master the techniques for performing CPR on adults, children, and infants.

  • AED Use: Learn how to operate an automated external defibrillator.

  • Choking Relief: Techniques to relieve choking in different age groups.

  • Team Dynamics: Understand how to work efficiently within a team during emergencies.

  • Communication: Develop strategies for clear and effective communication under pressure.

  • Systematic Approach: Follow a systematic approach to assessing and caring for patients.

Face-to-Face Course Structure

If you prefer a traditional classroom setting, the face-to-face version of the AHA BLS course provides hands-on learning experiences with direct instructor interaction.

Instructor-Led Sessions 

  • Interactive Learning: Take part in interactive sessions run by AHA-certified instructors.

  • Hands-on Practice: Engage in practical exercises to reinforce your learning.

  • Immediate Feedback: Receive real-time feedback and guidance from instructors to ensure you’re mastering the techniques correctly.

Skills Test

  • Practical Evaluation: Demonstrate your proficiency in a hands-on skills test.

  • Certification: Upon passing the skills test, you’ll receive an AHA BLS certification card, valid for two years.

Online Blended Course Structure

For those who need more flexibility, the online blended version combines online learning with in-person skills practice and testing.

Online Cognitive Portion (Part 1)

  • Flexible Learning: Complete the theoretical part at your own pace online, making it easy to fit into your schedule.

  • eSimulation Technology: Engage with realistic patient scenarios, assessing and treating patients in a virtual setting.

  • Interactive Modules: These modules are designed to reinforce your learning through interactive content.

Skills Practice Session (Part 2)

  • Hands-On PracticeAttend an in-person session to practice your skills under the supervision of a certified AHA instructor.

  • Peer LearningCollaborate with peers, enhancing the team dynamics component of the training.

Skills Test (Part 3)

  • Practical Evaluation: Demonstrate your competence in a practical skills test that an AHA instructor will administer.

  • Certification: Receive your AHA BLS certification card upon successful completion of the skills test, valid for two years.

Duration and Certification Validity

  • Course Duration: The online portion can typically be completed in a few hours. The total duration, including the in-person sessions, usually spans over a day.

  • Certification Validity: Upon successful completion of the course and passing the skills test, you’ll receive a certification card valid for two years.

Why It’s Worth It

The AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers course isn’t just a requirement; it’s a critical investment in your ability to save lives. Here’s why it’s essential:

  • Flexibility: The blended learning format allows you to complete the cognitive part online, fitting it into your busy schedule.

  • Comprehensive Training: Combining online learning with hands-on practice ensures you’re fully prepared.

  • Recognized Certification: The AHA certification is recognized nationwide, adding significant value to your professional credentials.

Benefits of AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers

Let’s talk about why the AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers course is a game-changer for medical professionals. This certification isn’t just another box to tick – it’s an essential tool that equips you with critical skills and knowledge. Here’s why you should consider it:

Enhanced Skills

  • High-Quality CPR: You’ll master the techniques for delivering effective CPR across different age groups, ensuring you can provide the best care in emergencies.

  • AED Proficiency: Learn how to use an automated external defibrillator correctly, a crucial skill that can make the difference between life and death during cardiac arrest.

  • Comprehensive Emergency Response: The course covers a systematic approach to assessing and treating patients, ensuring you’re ready to handle various emergency scenarios.

Professional Requirements

  • Job Requirement: Many healthcare employers require BLS certification for their staff. Having this certification ensures you meet these essential job criteria, making you a valuable asset to your team.

  • Credential Enhancement: An AHA BLS certification is recognized nationwide and adds significant value to your professional credentials. It’s a testament to your ability to perform under pressure and handle critical situations effectively.

Improved Patient Outcomes

  • Immediate Intervention: BLS training equips you to provide immediate care in life-threatening situations, significantly improving patient survival rates. Studies show that high-quality CPR can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival.

  • Effective Team Dynamics: The course emphasizes the importance of team dynamics and communication, crucial for coordinated and efficient emergency response in a healthcare setting.

Flexibility and Convenience

  • Blended Learning Options:  Whether you prefer the flexibility of online learning or the structure of face-to-face classes, the AHA BLS course offers both options to suit your needs. This ensures you can fit the training into your busy schedule without compromising on quality.

  • Self-Paced Learning: The online portion allows you to complete the cognitive part at your own pace, making it easier to manage your time and commitments.

Continuing Education and Professional Development

  • CEU Credits: Completing the AHA BLS course can contribute to your Continuing Education Units (CEUs), helping you meet professional development requirements and stay current with your skills.

  • Ongoing Skill Refreshment: The certification is valid for two years, but the knowledge and skills you gain will benefit you throughout your career. Regular renewal ensures you stay up-to-date with the latest guidelines and best practices.

  • Preparedness: Being BLS certified means you’re prepared to act in emergencies, not just in your workplace but in everyday life. This readiness can make a significant difference in your community, potentially saving lives beyond your professional duties.

  • Leadership: By being certified, you set a positive example for your peers and community, encouraging others to gain these vital skills.

The AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers course is more than just training; it’s an investment in your ability to save lives. It enhances your skills, meets professional requirements, improves patient outcomes, and offers flexibility. So why wait? Enhance your capability and confidence by enrolling today.

How to Enroll in AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers

Ready to take the plunge and get certified? Enrolling in the AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers course is straightforward, and you have options to fit your schedule and learning preferences. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Step-by-Step Enrollment Process

Step 1: Choose Your Learning Format

  • Face-to-FaceIf you prefer a traditional classroom setting with direct interaction with an instructor, opt for the face-to-face version of the course.

  • Online BlendedIf flexibility is key, the online blended version allows you to complete the cognitive portion online and schedule in-person sessions for skills practice and testing.

Step 2: Visit the HealthForce Training Center Website

Head over to the[HealthForce Training Center BLS page to explore course options and schedules.

Step 3: Select Your Course

Browse through the available dates and times for both face-to-face and online blended courses. Pick the one that best fits your schedule.

Step 4: Register Online

  • Fill out the registration form with your personal details. Ensure you select the correct course format (face-to-face or online blended).

  • Pay the course fee to confirm your registration. Most courses offer secure online payment options.

Step 5: Receive Your Confirmation and Materials

  • Once registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions. For online blended courses, this email will include your access code for the online cognitive portion.

  • You’ll also receive information on what to bring for the in-person skills practice and test sessions.

Step 6: Complete the Online Portion (for Blended Courses)

  • Use the access code to log into the online learning platform. Complete the interactive modules and eSimulation scenarios at your own pace.

  • Print the completion certificate once you finish the online portion.

Step 7: Schedule Your In-Person Sessions

  • Contact HealthForce Training Center to schedule your skills practice session and skills test. Make sure to bring your online completion certificate to these sessions.

  • If you’ve opted for the face-to-face course, simply attend the scheduled class and follow the instructions provided by your instructor.

Step 8: Attend and Pass the Skills Test

  • Participate actively in the skills practice session and perform the skills test under the supervision of a certified AHA instructor.

  • Receive immediate feedback and tips to ensure you’re doing everything correctly.

Step 9: Get Certified

Upon successfully passing the skills test, you’ll receive your AHA BLS certification card, which is valid for two years. This card is a testament to your ability to handle life-threatening emergencies effectively.


  • Basic RequirementsThere are no specific prerequisites for enrolling in the AHA BLS course, but having a basic understanding of medical terminology and anatomy can be helpful.

  • Professional RequirementThis course is ideal for healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, EMTs, dentists, and medical students.

Contact Information

Need Help? If you have any questions or need assistance with the enrollment process, feel free to contact HealthForce Training Center at 1-866-277-9593.

Renewal and Recertification

Keeping your AHA BLS certification current is essential for maintaining your readiness to respond effectively in emergencies. The renewal process ensures that your skills and knowledge stay sharp and up-to-date with the latest guidelines. Here’s what you need to know about renewing and recertifying your AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers certification:

Certification Validity

Duration: Your AHA BLS certification is valid for two years from the date of issue. It’s crucial to renew before your certification expires to avoid any lapse in your credentials.

Why Renew?

Stay Updated

Healthcare guidelines and best practices evolve. Regular renewal keeps you informed about the latest techniques and protocols.

Professional Compliance

Many healthcare employers require current BLS certification for their staff. Keeping your certification up-to-date ensures you remain compliant with job requirements.

Confidence in Skills

Regularly practicing and refreshing your skills helps maintain your confidence and ability to perform effectively during real-life emergencies.

FAQs about AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers

Navigating the ins and outs of the AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers course can raise a few questions. Here are some frequently asked questions to help clarify any doubts and provide you with all the information you need:

What is the AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers course?

Answer: The AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers course is a certification program designed to teach healthcare professionals essential life-saving skills. This includes high-quality CPR, AED use, choking relief, and effective team dynamics during emergencies.

Who should take this course?

Answer: This course is ideal for healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, dentists, medical students, and anyone involved in patient care who needs to be proficient in basic life support skills.

How long is the AHA BLS certification valid?

Answer: The certification is valid for two years. After this period, you must complete a renewal course to maintain your certification.

What is the difference between the face-to-face and online blended courses?


  • Face-to-Face CourseInvolves attending in-person classes where you receive direct instruction, participate in hands-on practice, and complete the skills test under the supervision of a certified AHA instructor.

  • Online Blended CourseAllows you to complete the cognitive portion online at your own pace, followed by scheduling an in-person skills practice and test session.

What materials will I need for the course?

Answer: For the online blended course, you’ll need an internet-enabled device to complete the online portion. For the in-person skills sessions, bring your online completion certificate. Materials such as manuals or guides may be provided as part of the course.

Can I complete the course entirely online?

Answer: No, while the cognitive portion of the online blended course can be completed online, you must attend an in-person session to complete the skills practice and test to receive certification.

What happens if my certification expires?

Answer: If your certification expires, you may need to retake the full course instead of just a renewal course. It’s best to renew your certification before it expires to avoid any lapse in credentials.

How do I schedule my skills test for the online blended course?

Answer: After completing the online cognitive portion, contact HealthForce Training Center to schedule your in-person skills practice and test. Ensure you bring your online completion certificate to these sessions.

How often do I need to renew my BLS certification?

Answer: You need to renew your BLS certification every two years to ensure your skills and knowledge remain current.

Is the AHA BLS certification recognized nationwide?

Answer: Yes, the AHA BLS certification is recognized nationwide and is a valuable credential for healthcare professionals.


It is crucial to always be prepared to handle emergencies with confidence by obtaining and renewing your AHA BLS certification. This comprehensive guide that we have done for you has covered a wide range of topics, including course content, the benefits of certification, how to enroll, and the renewal process. By maintaining your certification, you can be confident in your abilities to continue to positively impact individuals' well-being and uphold the high standards of your field. This commitment ultimately translates to improved outcomes for those under your care.

Whether you choose the face-to-face course for personal interaction with instructors or the online blended course for convenient learning, HealthForce Training Center provides the resources and assistance necessary for your success. Always keep in mind that your promptness in delivering care can greatly affect the chances of survival in critical situations.

It is not a good idea to wait until your certification is about to expire! Instead, it is recommended to begin the renewal process as soon as possible and to keep up with the most recent guidelines and best practices published by the American Heart Association. To successfully maintain your BLS certification is a sign of your commitment to giving great care and being ready to contribute significantly in emergency situations.

Please visit the HealthForce Training Center BLS page or call our hotline at 1-866-277-9593 for additional information in detail and to register. Remain certified, keep ready, and maintain your faith in your capacity to save lives!


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