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First Aid Training Helped me Save a Woman's Life

A WOMAN from Chelmsford put her first aid skills to the test as she helped save the life of a car crash victim.

Now, Apryl Hammett, 42, is urging others to equip themselves with first aid skills.

Mrs Hammett sprang into action when she passed the scene of an accident on the A414 Three Mile Hill on Sunday, July 6.

A 57-year-old woman had been walking down the central reservation when she was hit by a VW Polo.

Apryl, who took a British Red Cross first aid course at the start of the year, got out and ran to the woman, who was already being tended to by an off-duty medic from Plymouth.

She said: “As soon as I stepped out of the car I could tell there was a panicky atmosphere, and I remembered a very important part of my first aid course – to keep as calm as possible.”

The woman had suffered serious head injuries, so Apryl helped by holding her head and talking calmly to her until paramedics arrived and rushed her to hospital.

“I felt very calm because I felt I knew what to do.” she said.

“The doctor and paramedics said I had been very helpful. I was very relieved to hear the woman was stable.”



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