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American Heart Association program to breed a new generation of lifesavers

New generation of lifesavers
New generation of lifesavers

In order to increase the number of CPR-trained bystanders in the community, HealthForce Training Center supports the American Heart Association promote CPR training to graduating high school students.

Sometimes all you need is a lifesaver. Fast. The American Heart Association is promoting a new generation of lifesavers by requiring students to learn CPR before graduating from high school. The goal is to teach as many kids and young adults as possible in each state to help keep our communities safer. Everyone will benefit from a new generation of lifesavers. We've all heard stories of emergency situations where bystanders have no idea what to do, but a CPR-trained individual is the one who stays calm and saves a life.

The demand is high. Only 10.4% of those who experience cardiac arrest outside of a hospital each year survive, frequently as a result of delayed CPR. CPR immediately after an attack doubles or triples the chance of survival. By providing our communities with people who are trained to provide sudden cardiac arrest victims with the rapid assistance they need to survive until EMTs arrive, teaching students CPR could save thousands of lives. Nearly 90% of patients who experience sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital pass away, most often as a result of not receiving CPR during the first few crucial minutes.

Anywhere and at any time, a sudden cardiac arrest can occur. The best chance of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest is bystander CPR until emergency medical personnel arrive. Before graduation, students are taught CPR, which annually adds hundreds of trained lifesavers to the streets.

Students can acquire the knowledge necessary to do CPR in less than 30 minutes. Today's students will save lives tomorrow with only a little time and effort. Having more lifesavers in our community is valuable to everyone.

HealthForce Training Center offers two AHA certification courses to address these need to increase the number of individuals trained to respond to these emergencies.

The Heartsaver® CPR AED is designed for anyone with little or no medical experience who needs to know how to conduct CPR. This course can be taught in elementary, middle, and high school settings over numerous class hours using standard student and instructor materials as well as a school-specific course completion card.

The Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED is designed for anyone who wants to be trained to respond to a first-aid emergency including managing injuries such as bleeding, sprains, fractured bones, shock, and other first-aid crises. CPR and AED use are also covered in this course.

This article on Which CPR training is for you should help you evaluate your needs and point you toward the best training program for you if you're unclear about which AHA CPR Certification training classes to take.


We offer Heartsaver CPR AED courses in the following locations


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