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A survivor’s effort to train more people to learn CPR and become future generations of lifesavers

Why Learning CPR Is The Best First Step For Becoming A Lifesaver
Why Learning CPR Is The Best First Step For Becoming A Lifesaver

Thanks to the fast actions of a coworker, Steve is still alive and well today after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest in 2011 at his place of employment. Fortunately, a close coworker certified in CPR could assess the situation and take appropriate action.

He told people to dial 911 and bring an automated external defibrillator (AED) to the scene at the same time that he started doing chest compressions. Although the ambulance showed up rather quickly, Steve believes that it was his coworker's prompt use of CPR and an AED that not only saved his life but also prevented him from suffering any long-term heart or brain damage.

Currently, less than 12% of victims survive abrupt cardiac arrests that take place outside of a hospital setting (4 out of 5). Only 41% of cardiac arrest victims receive effective bystander CPR from a bystander, despite the fact that doing so can double or triple a victim's chance of surviving.

Since his cardiac arrest, he has volunteered extensively for the American Heart Association and currently serves as the Nevada CPR/AED task force chair. As long as funding was available, Steve worked to get the CPR/AED bill (Nevada Assembly Bill 414) passed, which will make it mandatory for kids in Nevada schools to learn CPR before they can graduate.

It's exciting to learn that this bill will allow schools to teach tens of thousands of children annually how to perform Hands-Only CPR, hopefully saving countless lives.

"As Chair of the CPR/AED Taskforce, I hope to help direct the implementation of AB 414 to ensure that schools, teachers, EMTs, and volunteers are well prepared to train the future generation of lifesavers," Steve says.

In order to guarantee that every student in Nevada would learn this life-saving skill prior to graduation, they hope to secure statewide financing for AB 414 during the upcoming legislative session.

Additionally, Steve's wife and kids have all received their CPR certifications and have volunteered with the American Heart Association.

Do you know Hands-Only CPR? If not, please spend a minute learning how simple saving a life may be.

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