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A hairstylist who had CPR training 8 years before saved her client’s life

A Hairstylist Saved A Life by Using CPR
A Hairstylist Saved A Life by Using CPR

We frequently hear that a bystander who knows CPR was able to save a person's life. The odds of someone surviving an abrupt cardiac arrest can be increased by two or even three when CPR is started right away. Because we hear the stories, we are aware that it occurs all across the nation. Additionally, it occurs right here in Nebraska.

The American Heart Association encourages everyone to attend CPR classes to learn these life-saving skills. Medical practitioners are required to obtain BLS certification as well as ACLS certification if they want to continue with their profession. Most people who don’t have or have little medical background can take an Heartsaver CPR class tailored for them.

A Lincoln hairstylist saved the life of a client in her salon by applying the training she learned eight years prior.

When we rushed to the phone, Jamie Ligon, a stylist, said, "I noticed the right side of her face was sagging a little bit, and some slurred speech, and by that time she was out, fully not breathing."

The 83-year-old client stopped breathing and went unconscious Friday at Accent Hair Studio.

Ligon was aware that action was required.

Every minute counted, so Ligon felt compelled to at least try.

Having taken a course in CPR eight years prior, Ligon was CPR certified. She claimed that at that very moment, everything came flooding back.

It all sort of came together once the 911 dispatcher advised me to start performing CPR and to tilt the victim's head back, according to Ligon.

Ligon claimed that she cried, prayed, and applied chest compressions for the following five minutes. She claimed to have witnessed everything in action as emergency personnel entered the salon through the door.

She was beginning to open her eyes as they arrived, according to Ligon.

The woman is making a full recovery and is beginning treatment. Her son returned to the salon to return the curlers that remained in her hair all the way to the hospital.

I just started bawling." I'm just so glad she's okay. I know that anyone would do it, and there are people out there that do this every day. "They're all calling me a hero, but like I said, I just don't feel like a hero."

Ligon expressed her hope that sharing her experience may motivate others to learn CPR and take appropriate action in similar circumstances.

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