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Without CPR and AED, This Patriots Fan Would Have Died

On November 26, after leaving the Patriots/ Dolphins game, my dad, Edward K. Casabian, Jr., 75, went into sudden cardiac arrest while boarding the Providence-bound train. He was with my cousin, Ed Patriquin, an obstetrician from Davis, California, and my 11-year-old son, Luke.

After seeing several pre-season games over the years, this was Luke's first regular season game—something he had been angling for, for quite some time.

My dad, a retired English teacher, long-time coach, and a season ticket holder since 1970, would usually attend these games with my mom and my brother or a friend.

He truly loves the Patriots' organization and the game of football. Patriot's Sundays have brought our family great joy over the years, and it is his pleasure to share these games with the people he loves.

My dad is alive today because of the immediate emergency care he received that Sunday, first from his nephew and then from emergency responders. Without CPR and AED, he would have died.

Many people were on the train that day including the military medic* who assisted my cousin with CPR and the kind individuals who stayed with my son and did their best to comfort him in those terrifying moments. They are all a part of this miracle.

My dad received outstanding care in the ICU at Norwood Hospital and then had a defibrillator inserted at St. Elizabeth's in Brighton. Amazingly, he was home within a week. Most definitely he will be watching the AFC Divisional Playoffs today.

Our family feels lifted up by the prayers and healing thoughts from the many, many people who love my dad.

*We never figured out who she was, but would love to know. Maybe this will help.

Submitted by Mary Austin and Edward Casabian



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