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Why do I need a CPR Certification?

Have you ever heard about a CPR training course? Do you know the importance of getting CPR certified? It is found that only between 3-5 percent of the entire population in the US is annually trained with a professional CPR technique. This helps the individuals with right CPR skills to respond promptly in a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergency situation.

CPR saves lives, for which getting certified in CPR, is highly recommended for every individual. Are you still thinking, why should you take your time out attend the CPR training classes? Then please go through the below reasons that specifies the importance of spending a few hours learning the CPR skills and get certified!


By getting trained in professional CPR skills, you will be able to deliver a right type of lifesaving technique on the patient that will increase the patient’s chance of survival. The biggest benefits of getting CPR certified gives you the ability to save lives, in case when sudden cardiac arrest situation arises.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), a sudden cardiac arrest is considered to be the leading cause of deaths in adults. An individual’s ability to deliver CPR to the patients (who in a sudden cardiac arrest situation) can make the difference between life and death. CPR certification online


Whether it is your workplace, school, home or street, you may never know when someone may need the lifesaving CPR skills. By properly trained with right CPR skills, you can be always prepared to assist in an emergency situation. With proper CPR skills, you will be always capable to deliver a prompt life saving assistance.


Being certified in CPR will give you the benefit of boosting your career prospects. There are many jobs like healthcare, construction, education and more, which requires applicants and employees to be CPR certified.

These days, more and more employers are discovering the benefits of hiring candidates having an additional advantage of CPR training. In this present scenario, it is found that many young people are seeking CPR training to be prepared for summer jobs like lifeguard, camp counseling and babysitting.

4. Get a Peace of Mind:

Being trained with right CPR skills will boost your confidence level. When with your family or friends, you can enjoy a peace of mind by knowing that they are safe. With a CPR training, you will get the ability to save life and to become a responsible parent.

A formal CPR training will give you the power to help someone who is in an emergency situation by acting quickly and efficiently.


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