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Three Surprising Lifestyle Choices that Increase the Risk of Heart Disease

Your risk for heart disease is based on several factors, some that you cannot control and some that you can. You may be surprised to know that your lifestyle choices play a large role in your heart health. Some lifestyle choices may not seem to have anything at all to do with your heart, but in reality they increase your risk. Here’s the three most surprising lifestyle choices that add to your risk of heart disease.


Smoking tobacco products, including cigarettes, pipe tobacco, or vapes, increases your risk of heart disease. Using chewing tobacco can also increase your risk. The reason is that nicotine is a stimulant, and it affects your circulation and how your heart functions. You are not just subjecting your lungs or mouth to the abuse of tobacco products. You are also affecting your heart health. Quitting smoking can decrease your risk gradually over time.

Alcohol Abuse

Consuming alcohol in moderation is rarely a problem for most people, but extensive alcohol abuse can greatly increase your risk of heart disease, as well as other severe health conditions such as kidney and liver failure. It is important that you limit your alcohol consumption to a few drinks per week rather than on a daily basis if you want to decrease your risk of heart disease.

Uncontrolled Stress and Anger

Your mood and emotions also play a role in your heart health. There is a reason that we tie our emotions to hearts. It is because our emotions have a direct impact on how hard the heart will work. Uncontrolled stress and anger can cause a number of health problems, but they can increase your risk of heart attack if you are not healthy. Anger management classes or individual therapy can help decrease this risk.

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