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Take Advantage of CPR & AED Certification Online at Workplace

Is there a need to learn CPR and AED for the workplace? Well, let’s do the math! Approximately, you are spending a quarter of your life at workstation! And statistics say that over 10,000 heart attacks at work occur every year in the United States of America!

Is Your Workstation Prepared for Cardiac Emergency?

If you or your co-worker or colleagues experience a cardiac emergency in the workplace, will you or they, or anybody come prepared to act instantly? The answer is probably not.

Therefore, it’s highly suggested for all employees to get CPR and AED Certification Training Online. Half of us are aware that there’s even an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) around the building somewhere, but not sure where it is exactly!

CPR and AED are the Keys to Survival.

When you find any cardiac arrest victims at workstation don’t sweat and just call 911 immediately! During a cardiac emergency, you have just 4-6 minutes in hand to survive the victim. After that, the lack of oxygen starts the process of brain death.

The average response time is around 8 minutes. Once again, you should do the math. And if you work in a workplace, you should give immediate attention to AED and CPR certification training as soon as possible!

Convenient CPR & AED Training for Your Workplace Safety

Having employees trained to perform CPR and use the AED is important to providing immediate response swiftly and effectively during a cardiac emergency at the workstation. Receiving online AED and CPR certification training is simple and convenient.

You and your colleagues will learn and train in the latest and up-to-date CPR and AED skills to be prepared for a workplace cardiac emergency!

Online-CPR Practical Benefits of Workplace CPR & AED Training

• All employees will become aware of safety – which will bring down the number of workplace mishaps.

• CPR and AED skills save lives, particularly where there’re injuries and it’s important to take immediate actions. Safety training offers necessary knowledge and confidence to manage emergency situations without confusion and fear.

• The CPR and AED certified employees will know how to use the AED and the latest ways to act in an emergency situation.

• Learning how to perform CPR and use an AED is the important skills for emergencies anywhere, not just the workstation.

• The safety training courses don’t cost much but will go a long way to ensure optimal health and safety for your workplace.


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