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PALS Recertification: Your Guide to Renewing Your Certification with HealthForce Training Center

PALS Recertification: Your Guide to Renewing Your Certification with HealthForce Training Center

Those who work in healthcare are expected to stay abreast of developments in a field that is constantly expanding. The Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification is one of the necessary courses for healthcare providers. And, because this certification has a validity period, PALS recertification is required on an ongoing basis.

If you are a healthcare professional looking to renew your PALS certification, you have come to the right place. HealthForce Training Center, with 13 locations in the United States, is your go-to institute for PALS Recertification. In this article, we will walk you through the recertification process and what HealthForce Training Center has to offer.

Quick Course Overview:

Course Length: Class length varies depending on the number of students, but most classes last less than 3 hours. The average course completion time is 2-2.5 hours, and many students finish even sooner due to the standard 1:1 student-manikin ratio.

Course Fees: If you bring your manual to the class, the regular training fee is $87.00 for both renewal and initial certifications. If you need the most recent edition, a $109.00 package includes the 2020 edition of the American Heart Manual, which is valid for renewals until 2025.

BLS Manual: Although the renewal course does not include a book, the BLS Provider Manual can be purchased for an additional $22 if booked in advance or $25 on-site. If you want it delivered to your house before the class, there is a small shipping fee of $8.75.

Written Exam:

The course concludes with an open-book, 25-question written exam. You can use your personal mobile device as a resource during this test if you purchased the eBook.


The American Heart Association (AHA) issues a two-year certification. The best part? On the same day as your training, you will receive your AHA certification eCard. Since January 2018, the American Heart Association has recommended that only electronic cards be issued, with paper cards being phased out. But do not worry; the HealthForce Training Center will gladly print out a copy of your eCard for you. You can also save a digital copy for yourself by downloading, printing, and storing it.

Course Details: Adult, child, and infant CPR are among the topics covered in the American Heart Association's Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers course. This includes two-rescuer scenarios, using the bag mask, managing foreign-body airway obstructions (choking), and AED techniques. It is intended for EMS personnel, doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and even lifeguards who need to document successful completion of a Healthcare Provider CPR course.

Who Should Attend?

This course is essential if you are an EMT, EMT student, paramedic, nursing assistant, CNA, LPN, RN nurse, nursing student, physician assistant, dentist, physician, or anyone looking to obtain a pharmacist immunization license.

Why Choose HealthForce Training Center for PALS Recertification?

Multiple Locations: With 13 locations across the United States, it is easy to find a HealthForce Training Center near you. This means less travel time and more focus on the learning experience.

Affordability: Offering competitive pricing options, including packages that include all necessary manuals, ensures that you get the most bang for your buck.

Experienced Instructors: Skilled instructors who are familiar with the nuances and real-world applications of the course material deliver high-quality instruction.

Same-Day Certification: For professionals on a tight deadline, receiving your certification on the same day as your training is a significant benefit.

Many healthcare professionals must renew their PALS certification every year. Whether you are renewing or obtaining your certification for the first time, HealthForce Training Center provides a streamlined, efficient, and comprehensive training experience. Do not wait until the last minute; reserve your spot today to ensure you have the most up-to-date pediatric advanced life support knowledge.

How to Get Started on PALS Recertification

Now that you understand the significance and details of the PALS Recertification course offered by HealthForce Training Center, let's delve into how you can get started:

1. Location Selection:

With 13 locations across the United States, it is critical to find the one that is most convenient for you. To view a list of locations, including addresses and phone numbers, go to the HealthForce Training Center website.

2. Date and Timing:

The training center provides multiple dates for each course to accommodate different schedules. When booking, select a date that allows you enough time to prepare.

3. Prepare for the Course:

A valid, not expired, AHA ACLS card must be presented on the day of the class. Even though the course is comprehensive, it is beneficial to review previous PALS material. It may be time to update your American Heart Association Manual if you have an older version. The 2020 edition is valid for renewals until 2025, ensuring you have the most up-to-date guidelines at your disposal.

4. On the Day:

Aim to arrive a little earlier than the scheduled start time. This gives you a moment to familiarize yourself with the training environment, meet the instructors, and prepare mentally for the course ahead.

Ensure you have everything you need, especially if you're bringing your own manual.

5. Post-Course:

You will receive an eCard from AHA after successfully completing the course and the written test. This certification must be saved, both digitally and in print, for your records and any professional requirements.

HealthForce Training Center welcomes feedback as well. Sharing your experience helps the center improve and ensures that future students receive the best possible training.

Continuous Learning and Growth

The medical field is dynamic, and staying current is not only a professional requirement but also a requirement for providing the best care possible. PALS recertification is one such area that necessitates regular updates.

By choosing HealthForce Training Center, you're not just investing in a certificate but in quality education that equips you to handle real-life scenarios effectively. Their reputation, experienced faculty, and focus on practical skills ensure that every participant leaves the course more confident and competent.

Remember that knowledge is only as good as its application in healthcare. You are taking an important step toward better patient care and professional excellence with the PALS Recertification from HealthForce Training Center. So, make your move today and become a part of this transformative journey. PALS Re-certification | Locations: PALS re-certification/renewal in Milford, Connecticut PALS re-certification/renewal in Newington, Connecticut PALS re-certification/renewal in Gainesville, Florida PALS re-certification/renewal in Jacksonville, Florida PALS re-certification/renewal in Bergenfield, New Jersey PALS re-certification/renewal in Jersey City, New Jersey PALS re-certification/renewal in Livingston, New Jersey PALS re-certification/renewal in Commack LI, New York PALS re-certification/renewal in Elmsford, New York PALS re-certification/renewal in Freeport LI, New York PALS re-certification/renewal in Queens, New York PALS re-certification/renewal in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas PALS re-certification/renewal in San Antonio, Texas

To get started on your PALS certification journey with Healthforce Training Center visit this page now!

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