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Officer's quick reaction and CPR training saved baby's life.

Infant and children CPR training
Infant and children CPR training

Infants and toddlers are more likely to go into cardiac arrest. Premature babies may experience breathing problems or succumb to sudden infant death syndrome.

The cause of cardiac arrest in these cases is low oxygen levels in the blood, which eventually cause the heart to stop working, which is why rescue breathing is so important, especially in children such as infants. For example, consider this story about an Atlanta police officer who saved a child with CPR.

SPO Oden was on patrol when he noticed a vehicle traveling with its warning lights on and its horn blaring. The officer followed the vehicle to the fire station, where a woman hopped out and signaled the officer to stop.

A woman hurried up to the officer, clutching a 4-month-old baby, screaming that the baby was not breathing. SPO Oden stayed calm and began checking the child's pulse. When he couldn't locate one, he quickly told radio dispatch of the issue and began CPR. Officer Oden performed continuous CPR on the infant until Grady EMS arrived.

Oden saved the boy's life in those crucial minutes.

The infant has been in the hospital under the care of doctors since his rescue. Oden has been checking on him since that day, according to officials, and has paid a visit to the hospital.

"If you ask most officers, they will tell you that they see a lot of things on 911 calls, but nothing impacts or touches their hearts quite like an incident involving a child," the APD wrote on Facebook. Many of our officers are parents themselves, and their instinct to help, and save people from harm comes naturally. "SPO Oden's deeds and these photos demonstrate his empathy, kindness, and character. On that awful day, we're grateful he was in the right place at the right time. His preparation and quick reaction made all the difference."

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