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Nick's Close Call: The Lifesaving Power of CPR in Sports

Updated: May 8

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CPR Training Class for Sports Emergencies

In a gripping incident during a baseball practice at Iona University in New Rochelle, New York, in October 2022, sophomore Nick DiCarlo faced a life-threatening situation. A fastball traveling at over 80 miles per hour struck him in the chest as he was getting ready to bunt. The impact caused him to collapse after taking just two steps.

Coach Conor Burke and DiCarlo's teammates immediately sprang into action. Discovering he wasn't breathing, Burke initiated CPR while an ambulance was called. Paramedics arrived swiftly, employing a defibrillator to normalize DiCarlo's heart rhythm before transporting him to the hospital.

The 19-year-old underwent a medically induced coma to aid in recovery from the chest trauma. An MRI revealed no brain or spine damage, allowing for his transfer to a specialized trauma center in New York City. Tests later confirmed that DiCarlo had suffered from commotio cordis, a rare form of cardiac arrest triggered by a precise chest impact over the heart.

Nick's father, John DiCarlo, expressed astonishment at the exactness of the blow, causing his son's heart to stop. Despite being a rare condition, commotio cordis gained attention just months later when Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin experienced a similar cardiac arrest during a football game.

Nick's parents, Nicole Baker and John, drove seven hours to be by their son's side. In order to lessen brain damage, they discovered him on a ventilator. After a tense wait from Thursday to Sunday, Nick finally woke up and was soon breathing independently. He underwent further tests and was released from the hospital five days later.

Despite the intense pain and the difficulty of recovery, including an inability to do a single pushup due to chest pain, Nick remained determined. A fan of the Buffalo Bills, he related closely to Damar Hamlin's incident, having experienced something strikingly similar.

Nick's commitment to his sport saw him through rigorous cardiac rehabilitation, leading to his return to the baseball field for seven games in the spring. He transferred to D'Youville University in Buffalo and continued his baseball career, now with a crucial addition: a chest protector beneath his jersey. Several of his Iona teammates also adopted this safety measure.

Nick's experience motivated his family to start their nonprofit Youth Sports Alliance, which started giving chest protectors to young baseball players while highlighting the value of safety in sports.

CPR Training is a Vital Lifesaving Skill in Sports Emergencies

This incident underscores the critical need for CPR training, a skill that proved life-saving for Nick. Whether you're a coach, a teammate, or simply a bystander, knowing CPR can make all the difference in emergency situations. This is why we encourage everyone, especially those involved in sports and physical activities, to enroll in CPR classes.

Our CPR classes are designed to equip you with the necessary skills and confidence to respond effectively in emergencies. Whether you're in a professional setting or at a community sports event, being trained in CPR can empower you to save lives. We offer comprehensive training that covers the latest techniques and guidelines in CPR.

Don't wait for an emergency to happen to realize the importance of CPR. Join HealthForce Training Center’s classes today and be prepared to make a difference. Whether you're in New York, like Nick, or anywhere else, the ability to perform CPR is invaluable. Contact us to enroll in our CPR classes and take the first step towards becoming a lifesaver. Remember, your action can change a life.

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