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Importance of First Aid and CPR Training

Emergencies cannot be predicted. Unfortunately, you won’t know when or how you will need to help a colleague, friend or family member prior to the situation. Fortunately, you can prepare yourself for possible circumstances. First Aid and CPR knowledge is an essential part of any situations that should not be ignored. This program does not only ensure that any emergency situation should be done with proper care but it also gives legal requirement that can be costly if neglected.

The most crucial time in saving life is the first four minutes after an accident or emergency. Training and holding a certification prior to an emergency situation will help you act quickly, in the moment. With American Health Care Academy’s CPR and First Aid courses, individuals will learn various skills to help victims dealing with bleeding and shock, burns, poisoning, choking, or the unconscious.

Obtaining First Aid and CPR Training will award you with a nationally recognized certificate which proves that you are capable of handling such actions in regards to emergency. There are different ways of conducting CPR based on the person’s age; the number of compressions and rescue breaths given to an infant is different to one given to an adult. Therefore, partaking in a formal training is essential.

Benefits of First Aid and CPR Training:

  1. Prepares you for unforeseen emergency situations

  2. Increases the safety and well-being of the surrounding community

  3. Provides you the skills and knowledge to take action immediately

  4. Builds your confidence in stepping up to help

  5. Allows you to accurately assess the situation and act appropriately, taking into account the different circumstances of the victim and condition


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