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How daughter's CPR training saved Mom's life

College girl in a CPR training certification class
CPR and first-aid classes and certification

Four out of every five cardiac arrests happen at home, according to statistics. Furthermore, many victims of sudden cardiac arrest appear to be in good health and have no recognized heart disorders or risk factors. CPR performed quickly could save the life of someone you care about. Take this story of how a teen saved his mom from a cardiac arrest at home.

In the midst of August 2019, Kristen Walenga was at home doing her everyday mom duties while the rest of her family got prepared for their day. It was a typical Saturday at the Welenga household.

Eddie, the family's eldest child, was playing video games in the basement when he heard a huge crash from the kitchen above him, followed by shouts for aid from his younger brothers who had just entered. The family's certified therapy dog then began wailing.

Eddie, who had completed Hands-Only CPR training in middle school a few years before, noticed his mother wasn't breathing and had no pulse right away.

While his youngest brother, Nate went to fetch help from a neighbor, his training kicked in and he began chest compressions. He was administering CPR like a professional in the Walenga's kitchen.

Eddie’s other brother Sam, had the sense to phone 911 in the midst of the chaos. When paramedics came, they continued CPR and gave four AED shocks. They found a pulse and took Kristen to the hospital, where she was taken off the ventilator a few days later.

Their best assumption is that it was brought on by stress. “The school year had just begun, and I was a full-time teacher. We're a busy family, and I'd put in a lot of hours that week." Kristen said.

Kristen was later told by one of the paramedics that she was really fortunate. "He stated I had a lot of excellent things fall into place for me." One of these is, of course, a 'witnessed' cardiac arrest. Two, having someone at home who can perform CPR in a matter of minutes."

Kristen has taken a real interest in CPR after her cardiac arrest, taking CPR classes, completing an instructor course, and becoming CPR certified. Kristen felt right away, like so many other survivors, that she was not placed on this planet by chance.

CPR lessons will give you the skills and confidence you need to go from bystander to lifesaver, just like what Eddie did, and getting a CPR certification will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to make the best decisions possible in the event of a cardiac emergency.


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