As the mercury rises, follow these 5 summer survival tips | CPR

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As the days get longer and the temperature rises, summer is an ideal time to enjoy outdoor activities. Following some simple advice can increase the odds you'll surf through the season without so much as a sunburn.

Mind the latest pandemic rules

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently updated its mask guidance, permitting fully vaccinated people to go maskless in most settings and to stop physical distancing unless required by other laws, rules and regulations, or workplace guidance.

"The risk for vaccinated people gathering with other vaccinated people is extremely low," said Dr. Michael R. Sayre, a professor of emergency medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle.

"If you're going to a gigantic outdoor concert, different rules apply, because you just don't know the other people, and whether they're actually vaccinated or not," said Sayre, who also the Seattle Fire Department's medical director.

As for that summer vacation? The CDC now says fully vaccinated people may travel within the United States, although wearing a mask is still required on planes, trains and other forms of public transportation.

Avoid food poisoning

'Tis the season of outdoor grilling and hot afternoon picnics. However, feasting on improperly prepared or stored grub causes millions of cases of food poisoning every year. This can lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and, rarely, death.

To minimize your risk of foodborne illness:

– Wash your hands, cookware and surfaces after handling or preparing food

– Keep raw and prepared foods separate

– Cook meats to the proper temperature