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A Baby Girl Wows Everyone in the First Aid Class – Knows How to CPR

It is said that the younger ones imitate what they see from adults. In fact, some children talk the way their parents did or put on makeup just like their mother did. It’s because, at a young age, the little ones can easily absorb what they see and hear. It’s a human nature anyway. Thus, it’s important to show good deeds.

But, what if a little girl does a CPR? We know that first aid requires applied learning and focus. But, a little girl wows everyone in the first aid class when she does a CPR just like a pro. A mother brought her baby girl in a first aid class. While the mother was learning the CPR skills, the little girl is also absorbing the lesson.

After the class, the mother noticed that her baby was crawling towards the dummy and does the CPR. She performed the chest compressions, looks the face of the dummy and touches its mouth. After more compressions, she gets closer to the dummy’s face to do the mouth to mouth resuscitation.

At such a young age, the little girl does the CPR skills like a pro. That was really impressive seeing a baby doing what other older people can’t do. This only shows that the baby had absorbed almost everything of the lessons. Obviously, this little girl will become an effective doctor or a paramedic someday.

This is a solid proof that young ones have the ability to grasp everything effectively as compared to some adults. Therefore, parents must ensure to show their children the good things so that they can also the same as they grow up.


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