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Why Doing First Aid Training with a Paramedic Makes a Difference

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Knowing what to do in an emergency situation with your child can be reassuring when you know the basics of first aid. So when it comes to the wellbeing and care of our children, learning from a paramedic who does this every day and has a wealth of knowledge can be even more empowering. They have years of experience and secondly, they’re often parents themselves. That’s two powerful reasons why doing first aid training with a paramedic makes a difference.

Most common emergencies - When you’re faced with an emergency situation involving your child, it is very easy to freeze or panic or worry about what to do after calling Triple 0.

Our first aid training course covers the 10 most common emergencies involving children and our paramedics can help you with first aid training that can – and has – saved lives.

All you will need to know - The three-hour course is presented in an engaging and informative manner, making the first aid easy to remember, and it includes covering: CPR, drowning, fractures and bleeding, choking, bites and stings, fits and fevers, burns, meningococcal and poisoning.

Every year, our intensive care paramedics attend critical events. What happens in the first few minutes of an emergency situation can make an enormous difference to the outcome – and the wellbeing of your infant.

With chocking, for example, you will be taught that there are several types of chocking and each has a correct treatment. Steps you need to take to clear the airway and be informed of various dated treatment methods that can actually cause more damage.

Take-home reminder- Our first aid training will ensure that if your child has been underwater and drowning, you’ll know what to do and be prepared. The same goes for the other common emergencies we cover in the course. You will also be given a poster to help remind you of the proper first aid techniques.

Available nationally - We have a team of highly qualified first aid paramedics nationally and we host regular sessions which anyone can book and attend. We also tailor first aid training sessions for corporate businesses and organizations, and we are able to offer the first aid course on site.



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