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NJ Celebrates New School Year with New CPR Training Law!

Students throughout the Garden State are heading back to school this month. Those who are starting high school will be learning an important lesson before graduation-how to perform CPR during an emergency!

On August 20, Lt. Governor Kimberly Guadagno signed a bill that will ensure that students entering 9th grade this fall and after will receive hands-on CPR training as part of the health curriculum. Laurie Heavener, American Heart Association volunteer and sudden cardiac arrest survivor, was invited to tell her story at the bill signing.

Moments after collapsing on the street while waiting to pick up her daughter, she received CPR from a high school sophomore who learned the lifesaving skill at school. If it had not been for this student, she may not be alive today.

With the signing of this bill, New Jersey becomes the 19th state to require CPR training for high school students. It is estimated that as a result, the Garden State will be training 90,000 new lifesavers earch year.

The American Heart Association thanks Lt. Governor Guadagno, bill sponsors Senator Diane Allen and Assemblyman Angel Fuentes, the numerous co-sponsors of the bill and all the legisators who voted in favor of making this bill a reality. Because of their support and action, New Jersey is truly creating a generation of lifesavers!



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