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How Often Do I Have to Renew My PALS Certification?

How Often Do I Have to Renew My PALS Certification?

If you’re an Irvine healthcare professional with an expired PALS certification, you know what you’ve got to do: it’s time to get your PALS recertification in Irvine! If your job requires you to be PALS-certified, there are many sound reasons to renew your PALS certification. One such reason is that this approach employs more advanced techniques than the Basic Life Support program which the PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) program was based on does.

Firstly, the schedule for the PALS recertification course is flexible and convenient, the course itself is provided in a stress-free environment and you can actually learn from it even if your career spans decades. Secondly, an PALS recertification will not only prepare you to think on your feet and potentially make life-saving decisions with an unflinching determination, but also secure your access to life-changing career opportunities.

But first things first: if you are already PALS-certified, how often should you have your PALS certification renewed and what happens if it has already expired? When do I need to renew my RN PALS certification? PALS certification has the same validity period regardless of your particular type or field of work as a healthcare professional, or, if you are a medical student, regardless of the career you wish to pursue. Particularly, the PALS certification obtained by Registered Nurses and other healthcare professionals is valid for two whole years before it’s time to get recertified.

Luckily, there is also a 30-day grace period which allows the healthcare professionals to prepare for the recertification process. It’s important to bear in mind that recertification should take place every two years and you’d be ill-advised to miss the grace period. In the event that your PALS certification expired a long time ago, you simply take the recertification again, without having to start from scratch as you’ll already know what the program is about.

For instance, your previous job or employer required you to be PALS-certified, but the current one does not. But all of a sudden, there is an exciting new job opportunity on the horizon which you want to seize. And surprise, surprise, your prospective new employer does require an PALS-certification or recertification. In other words, you never know when being PALS-certified could come in handy!

Is there a time limit for taking an PALS recertification course?

As previously discussed, you shouldn’t really worry too much about the gap period you may have had following the expiration of your PALS certification. The card you receive after taking an PALS recertification and the one you receive after retaking the initial PALS certification is identical from the viewpoint of most healthcare providers.

But what about the course itself? Should you be in a hurry to take the course if your certification expired a long time ago? Here’s a short and simple answer to that question: no, there is no need for that. It doesn’t really matter if your PALS certification expired two days ago and you missed the additional 30-day grace period or or if it expired three years ago, the recertification course is always at your disposal.

How do PALS certification and recertification courses differ?

While both of these course do cover the same material and the qualification you receive after course and exam completion is identical, the initial course if more time-consuming and more expensive. In other words, if you are already PALS-certified, don’t forget to get recertified in a timely manner as it is by far your best and most reasonable option! How to renew PALS certification in Irvine? By being PALS-certified, you will get the upper hand over any competitors who might have applied for the same position in some fast-paced hospital environment. The course and the program itself are not only complex and advanced, but also mandatory for work in critical care units. Obviously, if that applies to you, you want to take that chance and not fail to renew your PALS certification the moment it has expired. Luckily for you, the renewal process is fairly simple. Once you apply for and complete the recertification course, you will have consolidated your theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of PALS (including the basics covered by BLS). You will also have learned about proper team dynamics, which is of essence in life-or-death situations. All of this will prepare you to not only take and pass the final exam, but also tackle real life emergency situations.

How many CEUs for PALS recertification?

CEU is the acronym for the term Continuing Education Unit. These credits are designed for professionals who have already attained certain qualifications and level of education. However, they are a requirement for all these professionals who want or need to continue their education and training. Their purpose is to enable professionals in the field of healthcare and some other fields to renew their licence or certification, such is the case with PALS and similar programs. Whereas ACLS certification is approved for 8 CEU credits, recertification is approved for 4 CEU credits.

Where to find PALS recertification courses?

Advanced Healthcare Education, approved by the renowned American Heart Association, has a well-earned reputation as the leading provider of PALS courses. Attending our courses is practically a guarantee that you will achieve the required competence, professionalism and ability to administer PALS with genuine confidence. Our helpful and knowledgeable tutors will go out of their way to prepare you for extremely challenging real life emergencies you are likely to encounter throughout your career.

Besides, you never know when tragedy can strike and somebody’s life might depend on you and you alone, whether while you’re on call or while you’re visiting the awe-inspiring Irvine Regional Park. An PALS recertification will not only validate or broaden your set of professional skills, but also open doors for you to become eligible for better career opportunities. Your PALS recertification in Irvine has never been easier to come by! ACLS EDU is here for you and we’re looking forward to seeing you in class and helping you make your career blossom!



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