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How BLS training can help you in emergency situations

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Healthforce offers First-aid, BLS training and certification

According to recent studies, medical students and laypeople alike have a severe lack of understanding about the common indicators and risk factors connected with major medical illnesses. Setting learning objectives is critical in order to motivate students to complete BLS courses during their education.

In an emergency, prompt and structured patient management is critical to the patient's recovery. Every medical student and graduate should have a basic understanding of emergency care and the abilities necessary to cope with these scenarios in order to treat typical emergencies. First-aid and basic life support (BLS) training should be regarded as an important part of the medical curriculum.

Basic life support refers to a set of medical procedures administered to individuals suffering from life-threatening bodily disorders that cause discomfort or malfunction. All of these methods are aimed at assisting patients or extending their lives until more precise medical therapy can be provided.

It was just another day for Stacey Sassaman and Lloyd Emelle. They were in Westchester, PA, visiting Stacey's brother and decided to spend a nice afternoon at the local coffee shop. The two sat down next to an elderly gentleman who appeared to be sitting calmly daydreaming. Joe, the man, eventually fell asleep in his armchair. Stacey, a medical student, noted that his breathing was irregular and his sleep was disturbed, so she and Lloyd decided to keep a watch on him.

Joe's breathing appeared to be getting heavier and he was struggling one hour later. "We were becoming increasingly concerned about his symptoms at this time," Lloyd, a former lifeguard, adds. "Stacey went to inform the baristas that he could require assistance, and I mentally prepared myself for the potential of performing CPR." That's when I noticed he had stopped breathing."

Lloyd and Stacey sprang into action right away. Stacey looked for a pulse while Lloyd cleared the surrounding furnishings. It vanished as soon as she discovered it. Joe was transported to the floor, and Stacey began performing Hands-Only CPR while the barista she had spoken with dialed 9-1-1.

Until the paramedics arrived, Stacey and Lloyd conducted Hands-Only CPR for about 4 minutes. Joe was sent to a local hospital and recovered once his pulse was restored.

Understanding BLS courses and, more importantly, putting these techniques into practice is by far the most difficult challenge facing first responders. We believe that basic life support skills should be learned as soon as possible in medical school, whether through theoretical classes, practical training, or virtual e–education, because their core meaning is to save a life, which is why all students choose the medical profession.


Prepare to save lives by attending our First Aid classes, CPR classes and get certified.

We offer First-aid and CPR courses in our locations.


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