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Brothers, age 7 and 10, perform CPR to save grandmother in cardiac arrest |CPR First Aid NJ and NY

Kids, CPR FIrst Aid give to the Granmother
Grayson, left, and Kian Chatterson Wu are being credited with saving their grandmother's life. (CBC)

It was a Saturday night and seven-year-old Grayson Wu said that he knew something was wrong with his grandma when he asked for a snack and she didn't answer.

"So I looked over and she was, like..." he said.

"Unconscious, on the couch," interjects 10-year-old Kian Wu, rolling his head back and opening his mouth wide to illustrate.

"She looked really dead," adds Grayson. "Spit was going back into her mouth. She was grunting a little."

He makes a gurgling sound.

It was Nov. 10 and the brothers were having a sleepover at their grandma's house in Saskatoon. They'd just watched a movie when 62-year-old Patti Chatterson had a massive heart attack and went into full cardiac arrest.

"It was so scary. I didn't want to let our grandma die," said Grayson.

"We just acted," said Kian.

Grayson and Kian describe the moment they saw their grandmother wasn't breathing.

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