When Hockey Player's Heart Stopped on the Ice, CPR and an AED Saved Him

Jib Street (left) with Dr. Craig Bryant, the doctor who saved his life at a pickup hockey game. (Photo courtesy of Jib Street)

If Jib Street's heart had to stop, the perfect moment was on Jan. 18 while he was playing hockey at the Pineville Ice House in Pineville, North Carolina.

An emergency room doctor also was playing.

The rink had an AED.

An ambulance was blocks away.

A hospital was about 2 miles away.

Jib was wearing a helmet and pads, protecting him when he collapsed.

The chill of the ice preserved his organs during the six minutes they were starved of oxygen.

And atop all those crucial elements was a quirky one: A surveillance camera captured it all.

The video of Jib's heart stopping and restarting landed him on Fox News, the "Today" show, "Inside Edition," national TV and radio across his native Canada, and countless more outlets. He and his lifesaver were honored at an NHL game. Jib has even toured the factory where the AED that saved him was made.

Inspired by responses to his story, Jib is working to put it to even better use.

He's launching a campaign across multiple levels of hockey and other sports in the U.S. and Canada that will be aimed at educating people about CPR and AEDs. It's a perfect message to share this first week of June, as it is CPR and AED Awareness Week. And Jib is the perfect pitchman.


Jib grew up in Vancouver. An adept skier, he competed professionally and with Canada's national team in moguls as a teen and young adult. He also excelled in basketball, rugby, cross country and track.