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Mother saves son life in time through CPR

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Basic Life Support (BLS) is the first medical aid given to someone in a life-threatening condition. When it comes to saving a person's life, this technique can be extremely beneficial. It's critical to remember that the goal of BLS isn't to 'cure' the person, but to buy some time until emergency medical help arrives. Take this story of a mother, whose son was saved from using CPR.

Stacy and David Hittle were both at work on February 24, 2017. It was just another day. Justin, their 15-year-old son, was at home with his siblings and a friend. The children were playing lacrosse in the backyard.

What followed was a "perfect storm," as it turned out that Justin had suffered commotio cordis, or cardiac arrest induced by forceful chest trauma. It is extremely uncommon, with only 10 to 20 instances per year. Until recently, it was virtually invariably deadly, but resuscitation has worked in up to one-third of instances. Justin's heart had simply stopped beating. There is no heartbeat or pulse. Nothing.

Thankfully, instead of freezing in terror, the other children intervened quickly. Stacy's daughter dialed 911 as her friend dialed 9-1-1. That second call was crucial, as David was able to contact a neighbor, who came over and began CPR. Until emergency responders arrived, CPR kept blood flowing to Justin's crucial organs.

Justin's cardiac rhythm was immediately returned to normal by the paramedics. However, he developed problems and was brought to the hospital with acute respiratory distress syndrome as a result of a collapsed lung. Even with a ventilator, his body couldn't get the oxygen it needed. To re-inflate his lungs and improve his breathing, surgeons had to place chest tubes.

Justin was in the hospital for ten days in all and has since fully recovered.

Following the incident, Justin participated in a community outreach session where he taught the public Hands-Only CPR. There were at least 100 people in attendance, and Justin told his tale as the face of why CPR is so vital.

David and Stacy consider themselves extremely fortunate to still have their son.

They strongly advise everyone to learn CPR. You might save someone's life because cardiac arrest commonly occurs without warning. Everything will be normal until it isn't any longer. You must be aware of your options.


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