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Mom’s CPR training saved her toddler’s life after drowning

Child saved by CPR after drowning
Cpr training should be everyone's base emergency training

Most of us eagerly anticipate family gatherings and holidays, never imagining that the joy of such happy moments may be taken away in an instant. However, Amy Steelman and her two-year-old daughter Hannah almost experienced that in August 2010 in Norman at a celebration for Amy's grandmother.

All of the children swiftly left Amy's and Hannah's line of sight and hearing as they were eager to reunite with their family.

Amy remarked, remembering the above-ground pool in the backyard of her grandmother, "I felt a sinking feeling when I couldn't find her." When she rushed outside, Hannah and a cousin were submerged face-down in the water.

Hannah understood she needed to take action. She participated in a nursing alternative program in her senior year of high school and received CPR training. She simply understood that her daughter needed to be saved. She had the impression that she had to maintain her composure at all costs and simply be strong.

Amy began applying the compressions. Hannah started coughing and throwing up after just one round. She had a distant look in her eyes when she was sobbing. It was quite frightful.

They would not allow Amy to ride in the back with her when they placed them in the ambulance. Hannah's sobs could be heard coming from the front. It was quite difficult for her since she was sobbing for Amy. She simply kept attempting to speak to her so that Amy could hear her.

She later forgot what had transpired. Amy was devastated by all she revealed, which was that she went swimming before going "night night."

Hannah is now doing well; she recently completed a Hands-Only CPR course through her Girl Scout troop. Amy is Hannah's troop leader, and she also brought in some Tulsa-based CPR instructors. It was quite upsetting. She started crying as soon as the lesson began, just seeing her listen to the instructor and remembering how CPR had saved her life on that particular day years earlier. She will now have the opportunity to save someone else's life.

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