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Baby Girl Takes One CPR Class, Shows Everyone She Knows What To Do To Save A Life

We all know children will always follow what other adults do, that's why it is important to be aware of your actions because it might affect the personality and behavior of a child. If you want teach your children how to dance, you also have to show them how it works for them to follow you. That's when talent and skills developed.

Just like exactly what the video have shown. A mom brought her little girl, ( around toddler stage ) on her CPR class and what she didn't know that her daughter also listened to her discussion and started picking up the lessons too. After the mom did the demonstration and the class is done, she noticed her baby girl started crawling over to the dummy and followed her mom's demonstration.

Her mom noticed something exciting so she immediately took a video on her phone and record her daughter. Little did they know that this baby girl is a pro. She started looking at the dummy and looked at her mother smiling.

She crawled toward the dummy and started doing chest compression from the lessons her mom discussed. And thinking it might just be the child's habit, they were again amazed how the baby girl performs the mouth to mouth after doing a few compression. Her talent is pretty amazing at a young age, and her mom should be proud! In the future, she might be in no doubt saving other people's lives too.



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